Nude Nails For Cheap: Chic Nail Color Polish Review

I’m into my nails lately so I’ve been going to nail salons and have been on the lookout for the perfect, low-maintenance shade. According to common belief, low-maintenance for nails means “don’t put anything at all” but hey, I’m trying to defy the norm here.

This is where Chic Nail Color Polish in Vintage Tan comes in.

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It’s cheap, looks Pinterest-worthy, Instagram-worthy too, and most probably godsent. I got this for only 35php at Watson’s SM Megamall! When I got home, I used my trusty Bobbie Basics Nail Hardener to prep my nails. Then I swiped on Chic Nail Color Polish in Vintage Tan three times and I followed it up with Bobbie Basics Quick Dry & Cuticle Conditioner In One. I waited up to two hours to wait for it to dry.

(Fun fact: I just go to nail salons to have a professional clean my nails for me. I’m too antsy, I can’t wait up to two hours for my nail polish to dry in nail salons! Also, buying nail polish is a really good investment. I can switch my nail colors up without waiting for an appointment in the salon.)

So, after that whole nail painting thing followed the experimental stage. Friends, here’s the part where we’ll find out… Will it stay on for long or will it not?

(Dun dun dun dunnnn)

Lo and behold, it only chipped two weeks later! Amazeballs, right?

However, I acknowledge that there are several reasons why nail polish stays on and sometimes doesn’t. I probably did something right in the process aside from getting this awesome-as-heck nail polish.

I probably have found my Holy Nail Grail! How about you, what’s your fave nail polish? 😊

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